Exhibitor Registration Form

At Fire & Disaster Asia 2018, we have created a simple procedure for you to either enquire on booth reservations or to confirm on your booth space.

To make a booth reservation, please click HERE:
To confirm your booth space, please click HERE:

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To reserve a booth at FDA 2018, simply fill in the form below:
  1. Fill in the below application form
  2. Select the Type of Booth.
    (Note: Only local companies are eligible for the IMAP Scheme.)
  3. Submit the application form.

Applicants' Particulars

Type of Booth

Booth Type * Currency / Unit Cost
SGD 650 | per square meter (min 18 sqm)
SGD 730 | per square meter (min 12 sqm)
- Only applicable for local companies -


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To confirm your booth space, simply follow the procedures below:
  1. Download both the application form and Terms & Conditions
  2. Fill in and complete all necessary details on the application form
  3. Sign and endorse on both the application form and the Terms & Conditions
    (Note: Forms without proper endorsement and signature will be considered void.)
  4. Return both forms to us either via email or fax.
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Kindly complete and endorse all both the application form and Terms & Conditions and return to us via email at: FDA@cems.com.sg ; or via fax at: +65 6278 4077

Upon receipt of your application, our Sales Department will reply and follow up with you within 2 working days.